Different Path

New Infinite

Cold steel


Placements due



Broken out

Onto pane

Glassy stare

Lined jacket

Vitamin crush



I Need One for Decorative Pears
Millions of Limestones

Exactly This

It draws itself out

Life like

Life line

Dreaming of a stretched out

Stretching so far

Not a real reality

Something different

Something better

Something more for me

This is it

This isn’t it

It never is

Why Am I So Drawn To You
Up In The Night Skies
On Top
Time of Your Life
Lengthy Fields Eternally


Some time passes

Go go go

His feet move and

Time moves, and

The delicate balance

Is a thing that lives

Lives beneath

Lives on top of all

That moves and calls

To him

Go go go

Down down down

Bounce and jive

Go do try

Try your best

In time

You’ll die

Something Good